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Kendall Developments, LLC is a St. Louis-based firm with city natives and lifelong residents devoted to improving existing neighborhoods through thoughtful development projects. We are the founding partner within the NetZero partnership network for construction of radically new and affordable energy-efficient homes because we are convinced that everyone deserves the chance to live in housing that doesn’t drain their finances or harm the environment. We will build houses that use cutting-edge technology to reduce the residential carbon footprint and offer a safe, healthy, and affordable living environment to all residents. NetZero develops zero-energy residential construction that virtually eliminates the high utility fees required to heat and cool homes. That translates into thousands of dollars in savings for the homeowner each year. We have combined NetZero’s technical expertise with our own methodologies in development, with the goal of building as many houses as we can in communities that stand to benefit the most from the transformative effects of brand new, zero-energy housing.

Kendall Developments is pushing the envelope and bursting the bubble of monotonous building to support existing communities and help them to thrive. We want to build up the presence of this zero-energy building technology to effect positive changes in St. Louis’s community and environmental health. Increased residential investment in green technology is the starting point to building communities of informed and involved citizens, ready to lead as St. Louis continues to evolve.



Traditionally, homeowners looking to save money on utilities or reduce their carbon footprint have turned to solar panels or other renewable energy sources. These measures, while effective, are often costly, especially when they are used in older homes with insulation issues. Homeowners can spend years paying for these technologies before they see a return on their investment.

As opposed to a traditional home with alternative energy sources, a zero energy home is one where the home creates as much energy through renewable sources as it takes to run the house annually, meaning that the homeowners are free from their reliance on utility power sources to heat and cool the home. Zero energy homes, such as those designed by NetZero, incorporate new technology in building, insulating, and ventilating a living space so as to reduce energy use, while also drawing on solar power to run HVAC and electricity. Lithium-ion batteries collect energy for use during nighttime and sunless day hours. There are no limitations to zero energy living for the modern day resident. A NetZero home has all of the power and conveniences of any other home that uses electricity or gas AND MORE--with virtually none of the costs or environmental impacts.

NetZero has developed a proprietary means of building homes that involves the assemblage of prefabricated structurally insulated panels (or SIPs) that fit together like perfect puzzle pieces to create a completely insulated space, while also cutting construction time in half when compared to traditional stick building. The assembly of these homes is three times as precise as traditional home construction, meaning that flawless homes can be built to meet rising demands for good housing.

Beyond construction, the NetZero home also incorporates state-of-the-art technology in HVAC, using small, unobtrusive, and incredibly energy efficient Samsung mini-split air conditioning units rapidly cool and heat filtered air inside the home. Because these systems do not force air through ductwork, they are associated with improved indoor air quality, which can make all the difference for residents with allergies, asthma, and some skin conditions, such as eczema. Because of their superior insulation, NetZero homes are also quiet. The perfectly fabricated walls create a sound barrier between the inside of the house and the outside world, guaranteeing the peace and calm that every home deserves to have and with each home equipped with energy star appliances, residents are sure to conserve as much power as possible.





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